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2007: Zulal - Notes To A Crane

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1 Yaruhs Khorodig Emy Sweetheart Is Cute! So What If Hes Short?
2 Lachin U Mananlachin and Her Spinning Wheel
3 Maratukthe Mountain of Maratuk
4 Mogats Shugenat the Market in the Town of Moks
5 Es Kisherthis Night
6 Empty Hearth
7 Rurilullaby
8 Msho Geghenthe Village of Mush
9 Gago Mare, Garke Zis Arrange My Marriage
10 The Forgotten Suitor
11 Oror Lullaby
12 Kami's Theme
13 Churi Bes Yegank, Kamuh Bes Antsankwe Came Like Water, We Left
14 Kele Laocome, Let Us Go, My Son
15 Jakhragthe Spinning Wheel
16 Katser Im Shugeni Went to the Market
17 Akh Ninarode to a Girl Named Ninar
18 Crane's Flight

by Zulal