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2005: Bella Voce - American A Cappella

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Записи коцертного тура 2004-2005 гг.

"...A cappella singing in America encompasses a wealth of styles and traditions, and on this recording we visit only a few of them.
African-American spirituals appear both in simple traditional harmonizations (My way's cloudy, Down in the river) and in high-voltage recent arrangements (Wade in the water, Been down into the sea). Two songs from The Sacred Harp, ANTIOCH (1850) and GRANVILLE (1986), testify that traditional shape-note singing is an ongoing tradition. The periodic revisions of The Sacred Harp always add new pieces, and Hugh McGraw, a venerable elder of southern Sacred Harp singing, opines that the reason the book has remained in use for over 150 years is that it always contains the work of living composers. Chicagoan Judy Hauff, composer of GRANVILLE, tells us that she named the tune for her stop on the El train..."

by Bella Voce


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